Providing practical help to vulnerable people on Lesvos, both refugees and locals.


At the heart of Starfish lies the belief that everyone deserves to be shown compassion, dignity, and humanity. We champion the need for integration and relationship building and the importance of implementing practical solutions that work for all.  Starfish works to better the lives of all people on Lesvos.

The Coronavirus pandemic has had a significant impact on the lives of the people we work with. Our #SafeHands project supplies soap, water, and protective masks to residents of the RIC Lesvos camp, a vital component to keeping COVID cases low in the camp

Young women, new mothers, and babies are especially vulnerable populations in the densely crowded conditions of the camp.  We work to get essential supplies to newborns, as well as providing support and guidance about breastfeeding to new and expecting mothers.

Starfish works to bring wellness resources to those in need, holding self-defence and empowerment classes, yoga sessions, and creative workshops for vulnerable women on Lesvos.

Starfish opened an opportunity hub, OpenSpace, in 2019 for residents of Lesvos, both locals and refugees - a gathering place where people can come to learn, to share, to create. Starfish also supports local community projects such as an autism charity, support of the arts community, and local producers.  Many local initiatives support the Lesvos community.

We are working to build skills that will enable refugees and asylum seekers to integrate into new societies; Greek classes conducted in the camp, and English lessons for vulnerable women living outside of the camp. Our multilingual library is accessible to all those residing on Lesvos.



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