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To help build a better tomorrow, through dignity and the coexistence of people.

Our Mission

Starfish works to better the lives of all people on Lesvos, this includes refugees and local population.

At the heart of Starfish lies the belief that everyone deserves to be shown compassion, dignity, and humanity. We focus on the need for integration and relationship building and the importance of implementing practical solutions that work for all.

Our Work

What We Do

Our projects are implemented under the umbrella of cooperation and solidarity, with a view to connecting the people on the island.


Our team's expertise enables us to provide a variety of opportunities, from bicycle repair to sewing classes and capacity-building seminars, for different communities on the island. You can find us at OpenSpace, our building in the heart of Mytilene’s city centre and at the Camp (CCAC) of Lesvos.

How Can You Help?

You can get involved in many ways and join us in building a fairer world with more solidarity and opportunities for all.

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✔ Fundraising
✔ Volunteer
✔ In Kind Donation
✔ Share Our Work

Who We Are

The Starfish Foundation was started by locals on Lesvos who witnessed one of the world’s greatest humanitarian disasters unfolding on their shorelines.

Born out of the need for humanity, dignity, and care to all, Starfish has since expanded to become one of the long-standing NGOs on the island.




Current Projects


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