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Dec 2019–2023


bagforeveryone is a project aimed at skill-building opportunities for the refugee and local community on Lesvos. Our tailors are conducting daily sewing lessons in collaboration with the #educationeveryone team in Switzerland.

Our bagforeveryone project involves teaching sewing skills to people of the refugee communities as well as the local population at our community hub, OpenSpace. This encourages the mixing of different groups and gives individuals the opportunity to acquire a useful skill that will help them in the long run, either by opening up new career options or simply allowing them to enjoy developing a new passion.


The participants go from learning basic sewing techniques to more complex ones, such as using industrial sewing machines and creating the bagforeveryone shopping bag, which is subsequently sold to raise money for the project. One experienced tailor is leading the initiative in collaboration with the #educationeveryone team in Switzerland.


100% of the profits are reinvested in the project.

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