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Apr 2021–2023


Folia, our safehouse, offers safe shelter to vulnerable single refugee women and their children.We seek to meet the individual needs of our beneficiaries by offering a holistic approach of psychosocial, bureaucratic and physical support services.

Folia, which means "nest" in Greek, is our safehouse for vulnerable single refugee women and asylum seekers with children, with a capacity of 8-10 cases managed and monitored by a safehouse manager and caseworker.


This project aims to fill important gaps in social care, focusing on vulnerabilities that are frequently overlooked. Folia takes a holistic approach, providing bureaucratic, administrative, and psychosocial support to our beneficiaries in order to improve their overall well-being. In addition, we ensure referrals and conduct detailed intakes during which the individual needs of each person are identified and assessed.


All activities in this context are deeply linked to the principles of solidarity, allowing mutual support systems to emerge, maintaining and providing a safer space in which different nationalities and cultures are equally respected. We have the ability to clearly identify the individual challenges, psychological and medical needs of our beneficiaries, working very closely with them on a daily basis, allowing us to then provide and coordinate individually tailored support services to our residents, enhancing self-reliance and a collective feeling of togetherness.

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