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Open Football Community (OFC)

Jun 2022–2023


Open Football Community (OFC), was founded in June 2022 in partnership with Iliaktida in response to the needs of refugee unaccompanied minors and has become a big sports family for many youngsters from around the world.

More than 110 male adolescents from 8 different countries have made up OFC, together with 3 coaches: Sekou, Nikos, and Christina. "Through OFC, I feel I can share my skills and passion for football with the players and I realize how necessary it is to focus on something that makes you feel alive and powerful," Sekou says.

Our program focuses on physical and mental health and promotes a fun way to socialize and decompress. It also has an educational focus since our players learn practical skills as well as information about the local culture which enables a quicker integration into the society.


Twice a week, we have football training where we cultivate a welcoming atmosphere and we support our players to improve their football knowledge, skills, and techniques while also encouraging sportsmanship and collaboration. Our young player, M. aged 17 from Somalia shares that “Football is a way for me to make new friends and maintain positive energy”.

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