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OpenDay at OpenSpace

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

On the 24th of January, Starfish Foundation hosted at OpenSpace an event to celebrate the International Day of Education. As an organisation that also works towards social integration through education, it was more than clear that this day deserved a proper celebration.

With this in mind, and aiming at gathering all communities in the same space and collaborating with other different types of organisations in the city of Mytilene, we created the OpenDay at OpenSpace - a whole day of free educational activities to everyone who wanted to join us!

Our Day started at 11am with an OpenSpace Tour - a community hub that is also the headquarters of Starfish Foundation and a common co-working space with flexible spaces for activities and all kinds of different meetings. For our event we divided the space into three: Upstairs room for classes, Downstairs room for sports and dance activities and the outside area for other didactic activities.

In total, we offered an amazing amount of 13 different classes in collaboration with 6 different organisations. More than 30 people came either to give or participate in the activities!

We also provided flyers with information about the day and about our partners, in order to advertise everyone's own activities!

As ongoing activities, Starfish has:

1. Sewing Classes, every weekday from 10h to 13h

2. Fitness and Self-Defense Class for Women every Friday from 17h to 18h

3. Multilingual Library open every weekday from 16h to 19h

4. Games Night every Thursday from 18h to 19h30

IT Class w/ Lesvos Solidarity

Find them here

Fitness Class w/ Yoga and Sports with Refugees

Find them here

Boxing Class w/ Yoga and Sports with Refugees

Find them here

Music Class w/ Rad Music International

Find them here

Portuguese Class (Starfish activity)

Find them here

Crafts Workshop w/ Humade Crafts

Find them here

Bookmarks Atelier (Starfish Activity)

Find them here

Self-Defence Class for Women (Starfish Activity)

Find them here

“It was really nice how it brought so many people together and taught us a new skill. I made new friends and had a fun time with everybody“

Tango and Latin Dance Class w/ Danza Pasion

Find them here

Chess Class (Starfish Activity)

Find them here

Handmade Chocolate Workshop (Starfish Activity)

Find them here

Greek Class (Starfish Activity)

Find them here

Bike Workshop (Starfish Activity)

Find them here

In summary, we met all of our goals, we had a lot of fun and the feedback was amazing!

To those who gave the classes, let's organize more things together in the future. To those who participated, we hope to see you more often at OpenSpace.

Together we are stronger!

In case you are interested in attending some of our classes, contact us!

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