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Baby Boxes


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Starfish Foundation supports new mothers who have come to Greece to seek asylum with baby boxes containing essential items for themselves and their newborns while the boxes themselves also operate as baby beds.

Since 2018, Starfish Foundation has been providing baby boxes for mothers and their newborn babies. Each box is packed according to the planned inventory list. These boxes contain items such as sleeping bags, warm clothing for infants, underwear for mothers, nappies, hygiene products, toys, and blankets.


The baby box can also be used as a baby bed, light enough to be carried around and resistant to be used for different purposes. It is made of sturdy plastic and can be used to bathe the newborn and to keep belongings dry and clean, especially if the recipients are living under bad weather conditions. When winter arrives, additional winter blankets are distributed to the mothers.


The cost of the box and its contents is about 80 euros; winter expenditures are always higher. Our work relies entirely on donations worldwide, both financial and in-kind.

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