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Reading hours begin in the RIC Lesvos camp

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

As an extension of our library project we recently started “reading hours” with children residing in the RIC Lesvos camp.

These storytelling sessions happen twice a week, and under the shade of our gazebo, children can switch off for a moment and listen to someone read tales and story books in their own language, or they can use the time to simply relax on the cushions provided.

This week, the sessions have been held in Farsi and French, and some of the resident volunteers who work on our #SafeHands project kindly read aloud to everyone; Elnaz, a wonderful volunteer who works at Station 3 of our #SafeHands project read “The Man and the Fox” to the Farsi speaking children, who all started doing impersonations of the animals featured in the book. It has been brilliant to see each child interacting with the books: making up their own stories, reading along, and reenacting different parts of the tales with their friends.

Additionally, each session has seen new faces appear, with children telling their friends about it or bringing family members along to join in the fun. If you, or someone you know residing in the RIC Lesvos camp, are interested in bringing their children along, the reading hours happen on Tuesday and Thursday each week, starting at 3.00PM.

With the increased demand for books, we are currently looking to receive Somali books for children and adults, more Farsi books for adults, and German language learning books. If you, or someone you know, can support with this- we would be grateful to discuss it further with you. You can reach us via email at

As always, we extended a sincere thank you to you all for following along with our library on Lesvos. The support we receive from you, alongside different organisations and partners makes it all possible. Thank you.

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