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Can you help support our library?

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

From now, until Friday 17th September, you can help make a BIG difference to our multilingual library on Lesvos in several important ways.

The #LittlebyLittle campaign, organised by Global Giving, focusses on the fact that any action - big or small - can create real change for causes across the globe, and we’re delighted that Starfish Foundation has been included in the campaign this year. Starting today, Global Giving will match all donations up to $50 until Friday: so, for example, if you donate $50, an extra $25 will go towards our multilingual library. Match funding will mean your contributions go that bit further.

Your support so far has allowed us to purchase new books written in Farsi, Arabic, and Urdu (contributing to the books in over 11 different languages in our library), it has opened up the opportunity for us to start “reading hours” for children in the camp, it has supported the community volunteers who work at our library with basic necessities such as phone cards, supermarket vouchers and food bags, and it has helped us reach over 4,000 people with books and educational resources. Your actions really do create change and that has been evident in what we have been able to achieve so far- thanks to you all.

So, with the start of the #LittlebyLittle campaign, we ask for your support once again: if you can, please share the campaign on your social media channels, chat about the library with loved ones, or simply start a discussion about the situation on Lesvos. Every little bit helps to raise awareness about what is happening on the ground here in Greece.

From the library team on Lesvos, thank you.

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