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An opportunity hub

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

We are proud to introduce you to OpenSpace!

OpenSpace! An opportunity hub

    Starfish Foundation has worked very hard to bring this new project to life. We officially opened the beginning of March 2019. It is the first co-working space in Lesvos: a place for integration and where conversations, web connections, and the exchange of ideas can happen. It is open to organizations, professionals, and individuals for seminars, presentations, meetings, lectures, teleconferences, workshops, and lessons.

OpenSpace, is located in the center of Mytilene at Tyrtaiou 4, close to Ermou street.


Events that took place in March-April 2019

    Yoga Class for the refugee women by Angela Farmer

    On 7th of March, 2019, celebrating International Women’s Day, Starfish Foundation had a very special guest in OpenSpace. Angela Farmer, a well-known Yoga teacher gave a three hour class to fifteen refugee women. The main theme of the day was how to feel safe in your own personal space by connecting to the earth and becoming grounded. Most of the women were young widows living in an unprotected area in the camp, where self-defense skills are highly needed.

    ReFOCUS Media Lab Introducing their project PORTALS     On the 8th of March, OpenSpace, hosted ReFOCUS Media Lab in collaboration with Shared_Studios which, introduced the international network known as Portals. With over 40 in the world and only 3 in Europe it is a great privilege for us to host it. The first in Greece.

    The Portal of Lesvos was linked live with university students in Herat, Afghanistan, with the founder of the Amar Bakshi network in New York, and with the women’s rights activists of Fondo Semillas in Mexico City. The event was received with great enthusiasm, and the experience of the attendees was unprecedented: we were conversing and exchanging views with the guests from all over the globe, and at the same time, feeling that we were chatting with them in the same room. It was amazing.

   Portal for food     March the 21st was a very enjoyable evening connecting for dinner with another portal in Tempe, Arizona where teachers in Greece ate with teachers and students together. Both tables were full of Greek food.

    We continue to have regular events in the Portal and everyone is welcome to come and participate.

   Music School of Mytilini     A 3-hour seminar on problems during adolescence years was given by 3 teachers from the music school of Mytilene for their high school students to help them develop social skills.

    Introduction to TCTSY – Trauma Sensitive Yoga by Jemma Moody     Trauma Sensitive Yoga, specifically called TCTSY, is an evidence-based somatic practice for those affected by trauma, traumatic stress, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other emotional conditions including anxiety and depression.

    On the 5th of April, the seminar took place in OpenSpace and the participants practice a series of physical forms and movements.

    Weekly Yoga Sessions by Vasiliki Mixalelis     Since the official opening of OpenSpace, a 2-hour session of yoga is taking place every Friday afternoon. Until today, Vasiliki continues to learn through her work and faithfully believes that Love and Peace start from within us.

    Vasiliki also gives a 4-hour session on teaching how to massage for those who are interested in taking this skill on board. This is a 3-month course

    Other activities

  • One Happy Family joins us regularly for weekly meetings and internal workshops.

  • Low-Tech Lab Greece has used our space for meetings and co-working.

  • Drop in the Ocean use OpenSpace for their meetings.

  • Refocus is working in OpenSpace and they have daily meeting with their students. where they teach photography and film making

  • Individuals are using OpenSpace for working or studying in a peaceful environment.

  • Self defence classes to help empower women

    Many more workshops, trainings and seminars are in the pipeline.

    As a very Open Space, we are open to activities that can help people learn, grow and even just be themselves

   We are open to every proposal that involves working and learning together. Do not hesitate to share all of your ideas with us, even those that seem new or strange. We are here to discuss your ideas and help you bring them into the world.

For further information please contact us at OpenSpace is a project of Asterias-Starfish Foundation:

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