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Trauma healing

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

“My desire is for refugees to find healing and empowerment in a situation where most power has been stripped from them.” Kirrilee Reid, Starfish volunteer, and teacher of self-care and trauma healing practices.

Upon the worrying mental health situation of vulnerable refugees who are stranded in Moria, Starfish Foundation is leading trauma-healing sessions for refugee women, families and young men. By teaching healing techniques and engaging the refugees in wellness exercises, our volunteer hopes to empower those who are traumatized, depressed and exhausted.

We work in both sections C and A of Moria Camp with some of the most vulnerable people: single and pregnant women, traumatized families and those who are suffering from depression. In four weeks, we’ve supported individuals from a wide range of ages and cultures, receiving very positive feedback from both refugees and staff.

This work has expanded to also support Moria’s staff, who approached our volunteer after witnessing the positive impact of her work. Today, we provide weekly self-care and wellness sessions for a number of employees.

We recognize the importance of continuing this initiative for the benefit of both refugee and staff mental and physical health.

Kirrilee Reid is a Scottish-Australian who first came to Lesvos as a volunteer in 2016, and continues to be drawn back to support the refugees stranded on the island. She has long-term experience in pastoral care and counseling. Recently, Kirillee completed the Self-Care and Trauma Healing training offered by Capacitar International, a non-religious multicultural wellness education approach to trauma healing with individuals as well as communities. As an Anglican Priest, she has a vast experience in working with people of all ages and situations and recognizes the importance of the fundamental respect and sensitivity to different cultures and religions.

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