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The Cube Athens

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Last Friday, (20/01/2017), was a constructive experience for Starfish Foundation’s team!

We took part, along with other small organizations that provide assistance to refugees, in a meeting that was intended to exchange views on optimizing the coverage of needs when they arise.

The meeting was organized by the Needslist and Campfire Innovation at the multifunctional center,”The Cube Athens”. Small organizations (Grassroots) like, Khora, Earth Refugee, Refugee Info Bus, Hope Cafe, Refugee Soul Food, Zaatar, The Home Project, and Bodossaki Foundation, discussed how we cover refugees needs.

The Needslist, presented its platform, that connects the needs of refugee aid communities in Europe and the U.S., quickly and efficiently, and has invited sponsors to help.

The second meeting of the day was with Desmos organisation. Desmos, runs its own application (Desmos Direct) on the internet, which aims to link socially beneficial institutions needs  to companies and private sector, with supplying goods that are in surplus.Talking to people who work the Greek application in the Greek system was revealing. Our friends, the Needslist, came face to face with the Greek reality.

The day ended by presenting, to Needlist represantitives,our own version of finding solutions and how can be implemented in order to meet the refugees needs.

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