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Help us bring Food Aid to Lesvos Solidarity

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Lesvos Solidarity runs the camp called Pikpa just outside the town of Mytilene. They offer on-site medical care, psychosocial assistance, legal support, food, clothes and hygiene kits and also provide referrals for medical care off site (such in hospitals, private clinics, as e.g.). The organization  together  with Borderline Europe also run activities for children, language classes, and social support as well as workshops developing the vocational skills of both refugees and locals at the Support Centre “Mosaik” in the center of Mytilene.

Since June of 2016, Asterias-Starfish has been supporting the residents of Lesvos Solidarity-PIKPA camp, with deliveries of food aid. Two deliveries per month increased to three between August 2016 and June of this year, and we are pleased to have supplied fresh fruits and vegetables, meat and whatever else was necessary for healthy meals.

Currently, 94 people (predominately from Syria and Iraq) reside at the camp and Starfish is their sole provider of supplementary nutrition.

Thank you to everyone!

The total amount that Starfish has paid towards this project is 52.414,24 €, with donations that we have received from all over the world.

We no longer have the financial reserves to continue this program that makes such an enormous difference in the day-to-day health and quality of life at Lesvos Solidarity-PIKPA. 

Can you help make further deliveries possible? Donations of any size will make a difference!

Pikpa has sent us the following data of the people that have received food aid.

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