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December news

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

We would like to express our sincere thanks for your donations to  Asterias-Starfish Foundation. Generous gifts from donors make it possible to continue our humanitarian work, which began as a humane response to an acute situation in this small part of the world, and has evolved to serve the ongoing needs of both people awaiting asylum decisions and struggling local families.

Starfish Activities in Support of Refugees

November to December 2016

  1. The IRC transit camp in the north of Lesvos has been dismantled. We emptied the clothes tent that we formerly managed there and have and distributed the contents to the refugee camps in Mytilene.  The IRC has kindly donated to us two desks and a whiteboard for our office.

  1. Our main storage facility in Kalloni has closed down, and the owner has allowed us to keep our Emergency Container on the premises, which is full of necessities should an emergency arise.

  2. We have sent a large amount of goods from the Kalloni storage to the ATTICA organisation in Mytilene, where they will be distributed as needed.

  3. The Lighthouse organisation has given us sleeping bags for transfer to Moria camp, where Eurorelief is responsible for the distribution of NFIs (Non Food Items).

  1. We have sent two trucks of much-needed clothing and shoes to Kara Tepe camp.

  2. “The Beast”, as our past volunteers know the minibus, has been sent to Lesvos Solidarity (PIKPA) for a good cause. When a problem arose over how to transport the children there to and from school, Starfish stepped in to help.

  3. The University of the Aegean has started a new education program for people of concern. To help overcome transportation problems, Starfish has made available the minibus and a paid bus driver to bring people from the camps to the education center.

  4. With donations specifically directed toward our Local Community Project, we bought and supplied forty local families in need with a Christmas food basket and other basic food supplies.

We continue to support the unaccompanied minors at Moria hospitality unit, in Mytilene, and vulnerable families that live at Lesvos Solidarity (ex-PIKPA) camp.

If you would like to send us financial donations to support our ongoing activities that aid refugees who remain on the island or more information about our programs, please contact us at

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