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Assistant Fundraising

The Fundraising Volunteer will play an important role at the heart of Starfish helping ensure the sustainability of projects for refugees and locals in need on Lesvos.

This role involves searching for appropriate grants for our organisation, writing grant applications, and providing necessary reporting to donors and overseeing relations with relevant organisations. This position also allows individuals to play a central role in the development and project management with a local NGO working in the humanitarian field.

The Fundraising Volunteer will need to have good English language skills and an interest or experience in fundraising in a similar context. They will also be able to take shifts covering field work to get first hand experience of the context for refugees on the Island.

We require long term volunteers

(at least 3 months) for this role.



In our OpenSpace, we offer English and Greek classes to people who want to improve their language skills. We believe that this learning process contributes to a better integration and optimizes the chances of refugees to build their future in Europe.

The language teachers create and give lessons in the afternoon.


This role includes the preparation of lessons and exercises in English/Greek adapted to the level of the students, which may vary depending on the students enrolled. It is necessary to consider the non-verbal communication and the organizational challenge of a lesson with people of different origins and languages.

This role requires being pedagogical, dynamic, independent, patient and having a great sense of organization.

We prefer someone whose primary language is English/Greek, with teaching experience already.

We require an English or Greek teacher to commit for at least 2 months.


Bicycle Activity Volunteer

Within our Openspace in Mytilene and in the camp, we have a bicycle repair station open every day and available to all.

The bicycle activity volunteer is in charge of welcoming people coming to this station, advising them and helping them with their small repairs. He is also involved in the organization of events around cycling, such as theme nights or bike rides in partnership with other associations.

This role also includes participating in other activities and projects carried out in the camp, such as the games station or the multilingual library.

The bicycle activity volunteer must have knowledge of bicycle mechanics and an interest in this sport. he/she is sporty, dynamic, independent and hands-on.


Driver’s license is strongly preferred.

We require bicycle volunteer to commit for at least 3 months.

We prefer longer term volunteers.



Social Media and Communication Volunteer

Plays an important role in supporting our existing projects and helping develop new projects by keeping our external communications relevant and up to date, as well as assisting with some fundraising. The role involves creating marketing and social media  content and campaigns - working with Starfish project managers to make sure that project updates are written and posted regularly on our website and social media. The role involves photography, interviewing and storytelling, engaging content for followers and documenting events of the constantly evolving situation on Lesvos for the people and for Starfish as an organisation.

The role plays an important role in managing Starfish's image and searching for calls for action, organising fundraising activities, and involves  communication with all people on Lesvos as well as our supporters and partners in Greece and across the world. Volunteers will also provide some help with Starfish fundraising such as organising raffles or monitoring donations and grants.

We prefer long term volunteers

(at least 3 months, but preferably

6 months) for this role.

DSC_8310 (1).jpg
Language Teacher

Safehouse (Folia) Volunteer

Starfish manages a safe house/shelter, named Folia (Greek for “nest”)  for vulnerable migrant women and their children on Lesvos. The Folia volunteer supports the Greek project manager in management of the house and case work with residents.


This role involves supporting the social integration of the residents by arranging language and other skill-building classes, helping arrange referrals/accompanying residents to medical/legal/psychological appointments, coordinating with other NGOs on the island to provide services and cover basic needs, identifying and prioritizing vulnerable cases, and coordinating with translators when there is a language barrier with beneficiaries. It also involves upholding the rules of the program with residents and promoting the long-term strategy as well as conflict resolution. 

We prefer French and/or Farsi speakers and longer term volunteers for this position.


We require Folia volunteers

to commit for at least 3 months.

image0 (2).jpeg
Safe house

Library Project Volunteer

The Starfish Library serves the needs of refugees and the local Greek population on Lesvos. It is based at our OpenSpace Community Hub in Mytilene and also inside Mavrovouni Refugee Camp in a container. 

The Library Manager has responsibility for its operation, development and communication.

In this role you will get first hand experience of managing a project for and with refugees and locals in order to provide language development opportunities and integration in Lesvos.


You will ensure the Library operates efficiently and follows the agreed procedures, ensure all relevant equipment is in a good state, review stock of books across all languages, manage fundraising campaigns and donor communication and respond to the continually changing needs to deliver an effective service.

This position requires to be organized, adaptable, independent, dynamic, and to have good writing and redaction skills.

Driver’s license is strongly preferred.

We require Library Manager volunteers to commit for at least

3 months, preferably 6 months.

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