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Contact with family

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Ahmed is a fifteen year-old Syrian refugee on the Greek island of Lesvos who is officially categorized as “an unaccompanied minor”: in other words, he is alone. Ahmed lives in a shelter with other unaccompanied minors as he awaits processing.

The last month has been difficult for Ahmed. His mobile phone broke, which was his only way of staying in contact with his family back in Syria. His social worker let him borrow her phone, but that’s not a favor he could ask for very often.

Thanks to funding from Help Refugees, a U.K.-based non-profit organisation, and the action by the Starfish Foundation, Ahmed spoke to his mother in Syria privately this week for the first time in a month.

With Help Refugees’ resources, Starfish Foundation bought seventy new/replacement phones for unaccompanied minors on Lesvos. “Plesio” (A Greek electronics store) generously provided the phones at a discount of over twenty percent.

While the flow of new refugees arriving on Lesvos has dramatically slowed, there are still over 5,000 refugees living in difficult circumstances in camps and shelters on the island living.

Your continuous support and donations to Starfish Foundation is much needed so we can make life a little more humane for children like Ahmed. Thank you for your support.

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