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Cookbook from Foliá Safehouse

Please support this impactful project with a minimum suggested donation of 15€, and you will be sent a link to the cookbook!

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What is Foliá?

Let us introduce Foliá to you: Asterias Starfish Foundation took over the Safehouse Project in 2021.

Since then, Folia has been offering safe accommodation to vulnerable,

displaced women and their children on Lesvos. In 2022, Folia housed 26 women and eight children from different countries of origin, including Somalia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Guinea, Afghanistan, Ivory Coast, Syria, and Eritrea.

At Folia, we are advocating a holistic support approach of administrative, bureaucratic/legal, and psychosocial services and activities, thereby collaborating with different organizations and

present actors on the island to further meet the specific and individual needs of our residents, taking into consideration their challenging and often traumatic past.


By expanding our support services to our Folia residents, we hope to empower them in various ways through exchanging skills, thereby supporting social integration, providing new opportunities, such as learning how to ride a bike, self-defense, working on a sewing machine, or cooking together and sharing delicious recipes from different cultures. 

The cookbook idea

Currently, the Foliá safehouse on Lesvos is in need of some renovation work to improve its comfort and functionality for the residents and their children. To fund this project, Starfish created a multicultural cookbook with recipes selected by the residents from their countries of origin. In an environment filled with warmth, music and laughter, we cooked these recipes together and - best of all - ate them afterwards! During this time together we experienced Foliá full of amazing smells and delicious foods, with all of us eating together and sharing our cultures.

You can also help us by sharing this page and letting your friends and family know about our delicious cookbook.

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