Starfish Foundation, a registered non-profit organisation (NGO), was born when a group of friends and neighbours came together to assist refugees landing on the shores of Lesvos during the greatest humanitarian crisis in Europe since the Second World War. Today we collaborate with other organisations to meet the needs of the many vulnerable individuals and families on Lesvos.

Starfish helps to co-ordinate the efforts of the diverse organisation working on the island. As part of this effort, we established and maintain the NeedsHub web platform where groups can list specific needs and donors can see what is needed, by whom and where.

Starfish Foundation supports local communities which have suffered from the loss of tourism in a number of ways, including by purchasing needed items locally whenever possible.

Your donations to Starfish Foundation enable us to assist vulnerable people facing uncertain futures. Our organisation is transparent: 85% of money donated will be used to help people in need with only 15% reserved for administration, which allows us to continue the good work that we do.

For more information, you may write to us at

Thank you for your interest and support!

Bank transfer

Our bank account details are:

Greek bank holders
Account no: 407/001155-00
Account holder: AΣΤΕΡΙΑΣ (or: ASTERIAS)
Bank: National Bank of Greece Location: Mythimna

International bank transfers
IBAN: GR4001104070000040700115500
Account holder: AΣΤΕΡΙΑΣ (or: ASTERIAS)
Bank: National Bank of Greece
Address for Bank transfers: Michael Goutou 1, Mythymna 81108, Lesvos

Don’t forget to mention your name and e-mail on the bank transfer. It’ll help us identify your donation.


When you pay using PayPal there is a small transaction fee, plus a charge of up to 3.4% based on the amount of your donation. Please consider sending us a little bit extra so that we actually receive the amount you want to donate. Thank you