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Volunteer positions

Starfish welcomes volunteers. We can offer a variety of volunteer roles to support Starfish projects and operations.

We need volunteers for the following roles:

Starfish Field Coordinator

The field coordinator has a key role in making sure that Starfish activities and operations run smoothly. The main responsibilities are planning, evaluating, and staffing, including the Starfish container in Moria camp and the inventory tool for items needed. The role involves coordinating transportation to and from Moria, organising translators for meetings as needed, and making sure that security processes are followed (including the Moria evacuation plan). The field coordinator attends Moria security and general meetings, takes and distributes the minutes, and collects data from Starfish project managers to report to the Starfish director.

Starfish field coordinator supports our activities inside Moria camp (the main refugee camp on Lesvos). The camp has a large and fluctuating population of refugees from many countries, including families. The Starfish ‘container’ is within a safe NGO area of the camp and offers classes and activities on different days: self-defence and empowerment for women; yoga; distribution of baby boxes and non-food items; Greek language classes; meetings with Moria community representatives to develop further activities.

Marketing and media volunteer

As a marketing and media volunteer, you will play an important role in helping us keep our website and social media relevant and up to date. You will create marketing and social media campaigns, and content and marketing messages to support Starfish’s values and communications. You will work with Starfish project managers to make sure that project updates are written and posted weekly on Facebook and other social media.

Communications and fundraising volunteer

Communications and fundraising volunteers have a key role to help us keep our existing projects running and achieve new projects. The role involves searching for calls for action, organising fundraising activities, and making sure that funding offers, donations of money or gifts are fulfilled. Volunteers help write proposals, report back to funding organisations, update funding platforms and reports, and keep timelines relating to funding up to date.

Warehouse and supply volunteer

Warehouse and supply volunteers help us manage logistics. Volunteers are responsible for maintaining the inventory, delivery and transportation of items, coordinating the supply of baby boxes, attending meetings relating to non-food items, and liaising with other NGOs on Lesvos.

BabyBox project helper

BabyBox helpers are part of a very special project, distributing baby boxes in Moria to new parents. The role involves helping to prepare and check the baby boxes before they are distributed, updating the baby box checklist, organising inventory to keep track of baby box item donations, and managing photos and posts for Facebook and other social media.

OpenSpace helper

OpenSpace is the Starfish operational hub in the centre of Mytilene (the main town and port of Lesvos). It’s busy every day, used by local residents as well as refugees. OpenSpace is a welcoming space for visitors, has a library, and hosts regular workshops and events, including a weekly yoga class for Lesvos volunteers. OpenSpace helpers are part of the Starfish team, helping us to organise events, keeping OpenSpace premises looking good for daily visitors, replying to emails, entering data and keeping our database up to date, and other admin as needed.

About You

The basics:

  • Fluent in English.
  • Knowledge of Farsi, Arabic, French, Greek would be very helpful.
  • Driver’s licence preferred. (International Driver’s licence where applicable.)

Personal characteristics and experience:

  • Very desirable: experience in humanitarian action, development, or volunteer/non-profit leadership.
  • Preferable: experience working with vulnerable communities, or other relevant experience demonstrating sensitivity.
  • Essential: knowledge of basic digital platforms including Microsoft Office, Google Drive, and email, as well as the ability to rapidly learn new skills on other business and communication platforms.
  • Motivated by Starfish’s mission to provide practical help to vulnerable people on Lesvos, including refugees and local people.
  • Flexible and adaptable, in line with Starfish’s ethos of filling gaps when they arise.
  • Great organizational skills in the form of time management, a self-driven work ethic, and internal and external communication procedures.
  • Confident to address clients, peers, and superiors in digital and physical environments, and to cultivate a sense of trust in Starfish’s procedures and professionals.
  • Great interpersonal skills, can maintain positive relationships with diverse clients, including law enforcement and refugee camp residents.


  • Locations:   Moria Refugee Camp, OpenSpace (Mytilini), and occasionally other locations in Lesvos, Greece
  • Contract Length:   A minimum of one month. Long-term volunteers are preferred.
  • Engagement:   All volunteer positions are undertaken voluntarily and without payment.

If you are interested in one of these positions, email us at starfish@asterias-starfish.org.  In your email, please include a CV, a short paragraph about why you have chosen to apply for Starfish, and your availability.

You can find the Starfish volunteer policy documents by clicking on the links below.

Starfish Code of Conduct
Starfish Health and Safety Regulations
Starfish Grievance Policy