How You Can Help

Make a Donation

Starfish gladly accepts financial donations, which help us to continue to support unaccompanied minors in Moria Detention Center as well as the refugees at Lesvos Solidarity Camp (formally Pikpa).

We no longer accept material donations (clothing, shoes and supplies).


To learn more about our current projects or to inquire about making a donation, please email us at


Improving the Flow of Refugee Aid to Where it’s Needed Most in Lesvos. One of our largest and ongoing challenges is efficient access to supplies and funding. Your support transforms collective needs into action.  Please join us in bringing the generosity of many to those who need it the most! Visit NeedsHub

Visit Lesvos

Lesvos is suffering greatly from the downturn in tourism related to the refugee crisis, and so one of the best—and most enjoyable—ways to help our community is to boost the local economy with a visit Lesvos, whether you know the island well or have never booked a visit. Lesvos offers unmatched natural beauty, sun-drenched beaches, therapeutic hot springs, exceptional food, deep history, and, as always, a warm welcome to all. We need your support—and hope to see you soon.