About Us

What we are doing

Starfish Foundation has been busy in the last months with…  baby boxes and strollers…   transporting people to hospital… community and social meetings… osteopathy… self-defence training… yoga… Greek language classes… media labs and cinematography… sewing and embroidery classes… building a library for all… and more….

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The early years

Starfish Foundation was started by locals on Lesvos, with the objective of meeting arriving refugees’ immediate needs of food, clothing and hygiene. The foundation has since expanded to become one of the leading NGOs on the island, providing assistance and support to people in need.

Since inception, Starfish Foundation has:

  • Managed the registration of arriving refugees on behalf of the Port Authority
  • Served as the Emergency Response Coordinator of refugee ships and arrivals in peril 
  • Set-up and managed the largest refugee transit camp on the island – at one point in all of Europe
  • Assisted in the procurement and distribution of aid within the Moria and Kara Tepe camps
  • Supported unaccompanied minors with additional food supplies, non food aid and activities 
  • Developed the NeedsHub platform which served to improve the flow of aid across the island of Lesvos
  • Spearheaded integration between the refugee and local communities on Lesvos

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