Starfish activities – October

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

The single women, who reside at Moria camp, wished to have some mirrors in their section. Starfish searched to find the ones that aren’t breakable, for security reasons, and the women were thrilled when they received them.

Since Needshub platform’s launch, it has managed to cover many needs with the collaboration of some of the other active actors on the island. We proudly present the result of NeedsHub up to now:

  • Published needs: 90
  • Fulfilled needs: 17
  • NGOs registered to the platform: 14
  • Visitors 1/7/2017 – 18/10/2017: 647 individual visitors.

With Help Refugees‘ resources, a U.K.-based non-profit organisation, Starfish Foundation bought seventy new mobile phones for unaccompanied minors on Lesvos.
“Plesio” (A Greek electronics store) generously provided the phones at a discount of over twenty percent. The unaccompanied minors can now keep in contact with their families.

We have delivered a large amount of baby formula for the babies that reside with their families at the camp of Lesvos Solidarity- PIKPA . The officials of Lesvos Solidarity were desperate to find a source to supply the baby milk. Thanks to the Halleria Trust and their kind donation we were able to cover this need for the time being.

Japanese student’s visit
We met a group of university students from Japan who were eager to learn about the current status on the island in order to “shine a light” in their country of origin about the situation in #Greece.
They informed us that Japan has accepted only 28 refugees into the country, out of the 20.000 people who have applied! The students felt that this number was very small and that was why they launched an awareness campaign in Japan, which disputes the political decisions that affect the lives of so many people.

Refugee Code week Webinar

Starfish arranged single women from Moria to attend training of scratch (coding) to enhance their skills for the future.  They were transported to and from the University of Aegean. The training was organized by the  SAP and Changemakers Lab.

A large group of unaccompanied children from the shelters that Iliachtida foundation runs, showed an interest in taking part in the training, so Starfish organized, with the collaboration of SAP and the Changemakers lab, for the children to attend the training.

Supporting Chief’s Theresa Kachindamoto

We continue the crowd funding campaign for Chief Theresa Kachindamoto, in order to achieve her goal, which is to have a minibus so she can reach her villages and sensitize her people about the negative impact of child marriage and the value of keeping children in school.

Please support Theresa in educating as many people as possible about the importance of ending child marriage… so that children can be just… children!

Moria village, which is situated very close to the Moria Camp where over 5000 people of concern reside there, has been plagued with constant problems with rubbish being the main one. When Mr Nikos Trakelis asked Starfish if we could help with cleaning materials we were very happy to oblige.

Starfish Foundation initiated a contact with the principal of a local school, so the Flying Seagulls could present their excellent work and entertain the pupils of the school. The performance was wonderful and brought a lot of smiles to the kid’s faces!!!  Because of the success, the Flying Seagulls are planning more future dates for entertainment!

There are now over 200 unaccompanied minors in Moria camp. Starfish has booked and paid for the football field in Moria village to be available twice a week for the children to be taken there to play football or just generally get some exercise with the protection team from Moria.

General Information about the current situation on the island of Lesvos

  • Estimated residual population staying on sites on the island: 7,112
  • Total arrivals in Lesvos during Oct 2017: 1,231
  • Total arrivals in Lesvos (01 Jan – 17 Oct 2017): 8,559
  • Average daily arrivals during Oct 2017: 72
  • % of arrivals in Lesvos compared to total arrivals in Greece in 2017: 43%
  • Total departures to Mainland in October: 678
  • Total arrivals in Lesvos during 2016: 91,506

Current population in Lesvos camps and shelters.*
*Data from the UNHCR snapshot of 17 October 2017.