Women who have transformed the World

Monday, 20 March 2017

Melinda McRostie in Segovia

Melinda McRostie in Segovia, Spain at the ‘Women who have transformed the World’ Conference.

Claudia Hernández (From Guatemala) interviewed by Ana Pardo de Vera. “The Struggle for Justice. To survive violence and rebuild a life”
Supporting women and children who have experienced abuse within their family.
Founded an organization called Survivors Foundation

Luz Marina Bernal (From Colombia) interviewed by Alicia Gómez Montano
“Peace is not possible without remembrance”.
Scandal of the false identifications of the murderers of young men in Colombia. The Soacha Mothers Foundation supports the families of the victims

Theresa Kachindamoto (from Malawi) interviewed by Rosa Mª Calaf
“Against child marriage and sexual initiation rites for little girls” The first female head Chief of Malawi. She has prevented 2245 child marriages since 2012.

Leymah Gbowee (from Liberia) interviewed by Pilar Requena.
“How unity, prayer and sex strike transformed a nation at war” Won the Noble Peace Prize in 2011 was one of the women who helped peacefully stop the civil war. Gbowee peace Foundation also funds girls so they can continue their education

Melinda McRostie (From Greece) interviewed by Leila Nachawati.
“To act in the face of indifference. Improving the world of refugees on the Island of Lesvos”

Núria Salán was given an award for her work encouraging and enabling women to recognize their talent and potential in the world of new technology . Given by the Foundation Orange Woman & Technology