Mobile phone as a tool

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Yesterday 22.02.2017 was such a happy and moving day for the Starfish team, thanks to Help Refugees U.K. Without their support we couldn’t have given so much pleasure to 28 unaccompanied minors. We went to visit a shelter that the organisation Iliachtida operates, to meet the children and offer to them 28 brand new mobile phones.
Small gestures like this make a huge difference…to them…and to us!!! We must tell you that there were some tears of joy…now they are able to keep in touch with their families and friends….what a day!!!!

P.S. The unaccompanied minors is a very sensitive group of people. They are kids, far away from home and their families. Mobile phones is not an accessory to them but a necessity, in order to keep in contact with their families and friends. This is the only connection they have. Mobile phones often brake and difficult to find funds to replace them. So, you have a situation where half of the kids are able to communicate with their loved ones, whereas the others can’t… and this brings frustration. Imagine if our own kids aren’t able to keep in touch with us when they far away…for the unaccompanied minors, who are fleeing a war, is a must.

ILIAHTIDA organisation ,supported by UNHCR , takes care 130 minors by providing shelter, food and clothes. They cannot justify other kind of expenses. So that is where we have to step in and help. Our involvement with the unaccompanied minors at Moria hospitality unit continues. We provide an additional food-aid, daily, to the children and every ten days to the families at PIKPA -Lesvos Solidarity.

Supported by Help the Refugees UK